About Us

Founded by visionary and passionate engineering leaders in semiconductor and software industries, Ebisu was born with the vision of enabling our customers succeed by creating innovative products and solving technology challenges. We focus on product development with the vision to improve productivity and efficiency of our customers by improving their processes. Our motto is to enable transformation of our customer’s ideas into actual products starting with helping them architect, prototype and mass manufacture. In a nutshell, we are a set of driven engineers who also happen to understand business challenges, and driven to solve challenging problems.

We Innovate, You Improvise

With our innovative products, we focus on improving productivity and profitability of our customers. Our products focus on digitization and automation of processes, while improving efficiency of operation with ease of use. Our key focus is to build products that enable data driven decision making and reduces business risks. We believe in “Customer First” – we highly value customer feedback as those help us improve. We are committed to providing world-class support to our customers. Our products are measured by our customer’s success.

You Imagine, We Execute

With our core expertise in hardware design, firmware and software development, and Mobile App creation, we help our customers build complete product solutions. With our partner eco-system, we manage procurement and PCB Assembly and Manufacturing at very competitive pricing for our customers, helping them with strategic cost advantage in the market. Our goal is to provide complete technology partnership to our customers, supporting them through their journey as they focus on business strategy and growth.

Leadership Team

Nishith Shukla

VP Engineering

Nishith leads engineering execution and innovation, in addition to client services and relationship, and sales support at Ebisu. Nishith is an avid…

Tarjan Shukla

Director Of Software Engineering

Tarjan brings 15+ Years of experience in latest Technologies & Platforms across Domains like Services, BFSI, and Manufacturing. Tarjan has strong project…